Wednesday, November 27, 2013


When a serial killer brutally murdered, police officer receives a call from anonymous. He addresses himself as the killer and he tells that he has kidnapped another three persons and locked in an isolated place. They have been put in deathtrap. Killer challenges police to find them...Otherwise they will also be killed brutally and puts a time limit of 4 hours. Now the police officer must find them before given time..? Will he succeed? How could it is possible to find them in the big city without address? 
MARCH 23 is a scintillating, edge of the seat, thriller. The protagonist of the film runs a nexus throughout the state of Karnataka to unravel various scams and scandals. This is the one line plot point of the cinema. The protagonist uses a mobile as his most important weapon to run the nexus. He travels to various parts of Bangalore, the most remote ones and also the urbane locales, and keeps everybody guessing about his whereabouts talking over the mobile. The Mobile phone plays a very important part in the movie and goes on to become a catalyst for the protagonist to achieve his goal.

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